Is your label supplier rigged for another crisis?

    7 December 2021

    Fires, climate change, floods, interchangeable framework conditions – or a global pandemic – can have a devastating effect on your supply chain and business operations. If you can't get your labels delivered on time, you won't get your products onto the store shelves either.

    Topics: Label Manufacturer UK, Labels UK, Label Printer UK, Label Supply Chain

    The psychology behind the labelling and packaging that sell

    22 November 2021

    Labelling and packaging are an extension of your brand and your consumer's first encounter with the product. Make sure your product decoration and labelling effort is grabbing your customer's attention in a way that influences the mental process needed to drive purchase intent.

    Topics: Label Printer UK, Label design, Product labelling UK

    7 indications you should change your label manufacturer

    30 August 2021

    The label is a big part of your brand and far too important to be left to chance – so how can you be sure that your label manufacturer really understands you, the UK market, your industry and your product?

    Topics: Label Manufacturer UK, Labels UK, Label Printer UK

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